Floor Plan

Steeply-inclined roofs, lightly-toned woods, exotic artwork, and floral embellishments are the physical articulations of Modern Polynesian architecture, the chosen inspiration for this development. All of these are present in Ohana Place, complemented with careful planning and layout of the residential buildings and open spaces within the development.


  • Modern Polynesian-inspired façade
  • Resort-themed receiving area at the upper ground floor
  • Single-loaded corridor building layout
  • Landscaped central atrium at the upper ground floor
  • Elevator in all buildings
  • Covered parking at the lower ground floor
  • Service area at the roof deck with provisions for individually-metered water and electricity
  • Individual mailboxes with keys
  • Fire alarm and fire hose cabinets at the corridors
  • Fire exits at both wings

With a unit mix that include studio, two, three, and three-bedroom tandem units, at prices that range from P1.3M to P5.67M, you are sure to find the home that suits your family’s needs and the product of your hard work.


  • Balcony in all units
  • Windows in all bedrooms
  • Insect screen for windows
  • Provisions for split-type air-con at the living and dining areas
  • Provisions for window-type air-con at the master’s bedroom and bedroom 2
  • Provisions for cable TV and telephone
  • Provisions for washing machine
  • Provisions for individually-metered electricity and water
  • Provisions for smoke detector


Typical Studio Unit
approx. 29.75 sqm
PhP 1.52M – PhP 1.74M

Typical 2 Bedroom Mid Unit
approx. 56.5 sqm
PhP 2.36m ++

Typical 2 Bedroom Mid Unit
approx. 66.00 sqm
PhP 2.92M – PhP 3.341M

Typical 2 Bedroom Mid Unit
approx. 67.50 sqm
PhP 3.15M – PhP 3.29M

Typical 2 Bedroom Mid Unit
approx. 76.50 sqm
PhP 3.56M – PhP3.81M

Typical 3 Bedroom End Unit
approx. 90.00 sqm
PhP 4.04M to PhP 4.54M

Typical 3 Bedroom Tandem Unit
approx. 108.00 sqm
Php 4.85M to PhP 5.67M
Unit Finishes
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